Courage in Medicine

This year's annual Catholic Medical Association message: Courage in Medicine - Defending and Proclaiming the Faith in the New Evangelization.

This year's keynote presentations addressed pivotal topics at the convergence of medicine, law, journalism, and theology.

Healthcare professionals are on the front lines of the cultural shift - specifically where topics of morality and medicine collide.

Read more about the conference here.

Trew Tweets From Cleveland CMA Guild!

Dr. Andrew Trew Sends the Inaugural Tweet!

The Catholic Medical Association Guild of Northeast Ohio is now live on twitter. You can follow us on @CathMedClev.

To continue our effort to reach more people concerned about the intersection of faith, ethics, and medicine, we are exploring every media channel feasible.  Twitter, with over a half billion (yes, that's billion!) users at the time of the post, is rapidly becoming the primary media channel for breaking news and making news.

Dr. Trew (pictured above), who heads up the administration of the CMA Guild in Cleveland, is a champion of utilizing all means of contemporary communication to spread the message and mission of Christ, especially in health care and the practice of medicine.

If we can support you in your occupation as a health care provider, please contact us here, we would love to hear from you!

In Christ,